About Rita

Being an athlete has always been an integral part of my life, and as time goes on, I realize that participating in sports at multiple levels of my life requires not only that I learn the skills for the sport, but also the importance of caring for the body that helps me perform my best. I’ve learned that fitness is a battle, much like faith. The same way I have to fight for what I believe in against lies of culture, I also have to fight for my health. I am my own best advocate, and no one else is going to give me the results I want. The fight is agony, but it’s my fight.
That’s my challenge and encouragement to you. You have been given a gift–your body. Your gift has been given to you for a purpose. You need to fight to find out what that purpose is, because you are the only person that will live inside your body. Use what you’ve been given to fight for what’s right, even when it’s agonizing.
If you are the person waiting for the right motivation, the perfect pill or the magical surgery to erase your weight loss struggle, start fighting today. If you are believing the lies of the media that says you’re not beautiful or handsome unless you look a certain way, start fighting that lie today. Fight the way I Corithians 9:26-27 tells us to fight…with certainty, bringing your body into submission through discipline. And let us compete the way Heb. 12:1-2 instructs us to, casting off the burdens that make us slower, running forward toward the example that already ran before us.
Let’s start fighting for our lives today.

May you be blessed by the content of this blog-site.

Rita is an Exercise Science Graduate from Trinity Christian College and currently works as an ACE Personal Trainer and a physical therapy technician.  More information on Rita’s work as a personal trainer, including contact information for training services, can be found at ACE Fitnessand IDEA Fitness.


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